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Please scroll down to leave your review. 


Find your local authority in the alphabetical list and leave your review under the correct heading. 


Important Rules


The main rules are that you don't name ANYONE.  This includes, yourself, anyone working for the local authority, your child, schools and other professionals and that you don't leave any information which might identify anyone.  The review should be 'generally' about your experience and where possible try to be balanced and mention the positive alongside the negative or as the case may be, the negative with the positive!

Using the Forum

Though you sign up to the forum with your email, google account or Facebook.  Please remember that once you are signed in, you can change your username on the Forum to something which is not your own name if you want to.  If you scroll up to the very top of the page on the website in the right hand corner there is a little 'user' icon.  See below:




If you click on that you can click on 'profile' and update your profile and change your name as it appears on the forum 


If you have noticed any errors in the website or your LA is not here then please tweet me @SEND_pilot or  email me: 

  • @SEND_pilot

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